Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have any breed restrictions at Evolved K9 Training. We believe that all breeds should have access to professional and reputable training services. We have clients with dogs ranging from Pomeranians to Mastiffs and Belgian Malinois and everything in-between.

Our lead trainer is a Master K9 Trainer who previously trained police and military dogs gaining thousands of certified leash hours. He has trained everything from single purpose narcotic and explosive detection to dual purpose dogs. Since opening Evolved K9 Training to help civilian dogs, he has worked with many rescues in the area and has become well known for his work with behavioral cases.

Simply put, no. We are not a training company that slaps an e-collar on every dog and requires that dogs conform to our technique. We believe that every dog is different and needs different approaches and tools specific to their needs. We see far too many trainers suggesting euthanasia because a dog won’t conform to a specific form of training. We use everything from treats and flat collars to prong and e-collars.

Some dogs have genetic or neurological based issues. We do our best to be realistic with our clients and let them know if we feel there is a greater issue at hand that training cannot solve. We have wonderful vets on recommendation to assist when these sorts of issues present. We always take an honest approach where we are realistic with attainable behaviors and goals so that our clients are never wasting their money.

Furthermore, many dogs are simply management cases. For instance, a dog with genetic dog aggression may never like the company of other dogs. However, they should be able to behave on leash and display non-reactive behavior on walks.

Yes, we do train intact dogs. We have no requirement  for dogs in training to be spayed/neutered. We do however require that dogs be up to date on vaccinations.

We do not offer boarding outside of our board and train program. If you are looking for regular boarding, we recommend reaching out to your vet office or other local businesses such as Animal Oasis or Camp Bow Wow. 


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